1st Stop

We just completed our first stop.  We changed bus drivers already.  Our current drivers will haul us on into Chattanooga.  We’ve got a rest stop planned in about an hour.  We lost about 20 minutes on the driver change so we’re going to see how fast we can complete the pit stop.

I didn’t mention in my previous posts but, I was given the opportunity to put our itinerary together.  I have the trip planned down to the minute.  I’m running navigation on my phone and posting this from my tablet.  We’re scheduled to arrive  at the railroad museum at 8:05am tomorrow morning.  I’ll have to grab some zzz’s sometime.

More later.

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One Response to 1st Stop

  1. Alice, les, Rachel says:

    We’re following. Rachel and alice just drove in from D.C. In her jeep pulling a u haul over some of same roads. We know abt bumpy. Haha. Hv fun. Looking forward to posts. Praying too.

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