2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree

English: Ruby Falls, inside Lookout Mountain, ...

English: Ruby Falls, inside Lookout Mountain, in Chattanooga, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was June 2012 when we first started hearing about the next National Jamboree.  Blake and Brock joined Boy Scouts just two weeks after the roster for th e BSA Centennial Jamboree so they missed going with Troop 26.  I wasn’t aable to attend a National Jamboree as a scout so we were all very excited to go in 2013.  This year’s jambo is being held for the very first time at The Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia.  I was fortunate to be selected to serve as an Assistant Scout Master to one of tj e two troops filled by Troop 26.  T26 makes up 2 of 6 Indian Nations Council contingents.  We habe worked very hard to raise the funds to attend and we are extremely grateful to our family for their support.  Without it we wouldn’t be going.

This is going to be the trip of a lifetime.  We will tour as a troop both before and aftet jambo.  We leave Tulsa on Thursday July 11.  We’ll drive overnight to Chattanooga, TN.  Once wr arrive we will have breakfast in the parking lot of the Tennessee Valley Railroad museum.  We’ll tour the museum and then take a ride on thr missionary ridgr line through some tunnels that date to the civil war.  We then go to Rock City, Ruby Falls, which is a 40′ waterfall inside a cave and then on to lookout mountain.  Then we will sleep in the deep at the Tennessee State Aquarium.  The next day we tour Chickamauga National Military Park.  We then travel to Hope, WV.  We will have a full day white water rafting down the new river.

Then it’s off to jambo for 12 days of camping and fun in the mountains of West Virginia.

After jambo we head to Washington D.C.  We have three days there filled with wonderful activites.  Then we tour the Naval Academy in Annapolis and spend a full day touring Gettysburg during the 150th anniversary of the famous battle.

I hope you’ll enjoy following along with us.  I’ll update this blog as often as possible.  Feel free to leave comments and questions.  This should be fun for all of us!

Keep us in your prayers for safe and healthy travel.  There are 90 men and boys travelling in two nice 55 passenger buses.

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