Jambo Arrival

Boy!  We’ve had a lot of things going on the last couple of days.  We didn’t have any time, nor did we have wifi at Adventures on the Gorge, so I’ll have another update later on the white water rafting trip.

We arrived at the jambo check-in this morning at 8am.  It took 75 minutes to get through the line to get checked in and then we took off for the Summit!  That was another 20 minute ride.  20130715_092636

We unloaded the bus in less than 5 minutes and hiked to camp.  That was tough!  Temperature is hot today but not as hot as home.  It’s mid to upper 80’s with high humidity and sunshine.  We had to carry our gear over a quarter mile to our campsite.  Our campsite is nice, though.  We are in sub-camp A.


We spent the afternoon setting up camp.



We finally finished setting up camp.  It looks pretty good.  The big car port thing is our dining fly.  We have two.  We have 5 picnic tables that go under them where we’ll eat.

I’ll have more to post later.  My phone needs to charge but it’s so hot, the battery is throwing a high temp error and it wont charge right now.  All my pics are on my phone.

If you want to send us some mail, we have postal service here.

Blake, Brock or CharlieJamboree Troop A229
92 SBR 2
Mt. Hope, WV 25888

More soon!

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