Full tummies

We just finished supper.  It was really good!  I brought a bag of all of my favorite spices.  Caleb is pretty famous for his cooking on campouts, soI made him very happy.  He seasoned up our chicken breasts and we had bbq sauce with them, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and rice crispy treats for dessert.

Brock’s patrol, The Iron Brigade, was scheduled for KP.  They got compliments on the job they were doing.


Blake volunteered to walk over to see our other troop, C117, to deliver their gateway banner. It should have been a 45 minute walk, but he and his buddy asked for directions and got some bad directions. They ended up taking an hour and a half to get there. That must’ve been about a 4 mile walk. Then they had to turn around and head back for supper. They arrived back in only 40 minutes! …just in time for supper! They had a good supper and proceeded to melt! It really feels hot today. The sun has been beating down and the humidity is high even though it’s in the upper 80’s.


The showers should cool us down. We don’t have hot water. Supposedly the water is pumped through the roof to heat it and it is being billed as ambient temperature water. So, eventhough i usually shower in the morning, the water will be the least cold just after supper.

A lot of the boys have already started patch trading. I’ll get some pics of that and include in a future post.

Saturday at 11am the national BSA ham radio station, K2BSA, has a contact scheduled with the International Space Station where several boyswill have the opportunity to talk to the astronauts on the space station. Thursday at 3pm near the arena they are having a high altitude baloon launch with an amateur radio payload and gps. These baloons go up to the edge of space at an elevation of 100,000 feet or more. They have additional launches on the 20th and 22nd.

So, all is well from West Virginia. We should get a good nights sleep tonight. It is already starting to cool off and the sun is going down. The opening show is tomorrow morning at 9:30. That should be a good show.

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