Made it to our Nations Capitol

After 2 days of 5am wake-ups and a final night of 2 hours sleep, we have departed the 2013 Jamboree and begun our back-side touring.  We arrived in Washington, D.C. on time and had lunch.  We spent three hours at the Udvar Hazy National Air and Space Museum at Dulles.  The boys had a great time!


There was plenty of things to see!


The Enola Gay is on display there.


The Space Shuttle Discovery is on display there.


It’s an impressive display.  It was neat that is directly tied in with the Technology Quest day we had at Jambo.  NASA was there and had the space shuttle tires on display.  Here we got to see them attached to the shuttle.  It gave it some real perspective.


Blake and Ross teamed up to try the flight simulators!  They went upside down and did 8 barrel rolls!  Brock and Josh teamed up to try it too.


Heading into downtown D.C. we caught a glimpse of the Washington monument.  It has scaffolding all around it now.  They are beginning to repair the damage done by the earthquake a few years ago.


I believe this is the Jefferson monument that we saw while driving in.  We should see more of it on the mall tour.


We were able to go to the front of the line at the National Archives.  We had made previous reservations.  We spent an hour here viewing the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  These columns were really pretty on the outside of the building where we were waiting to enter.  It created a solemn mood for us to begin these next few days discovering information about our Nation’s history!


From the Archives, we departed for our overnight venue at the National 4H Youth Conference Center.  On the way, I spotted the Capitol building which we’ll see tomorrow.

We had a slight change of plans for the better.  We were all tired and dirty and stinky after several days in the rain and mud, early morning wake-up calls to ensure we made all of our activities and the final night of tear down, pack up and leave.  I think God sent us a message.  The bus company didn’t catch our long day which would have had their drivers starting at 3am when they staged to pick us up at jambo by 5am.  Then we had them driving all the way to D.C., to the air and space museum, to the archives, to the 4H Center and then out again tonight for the night time mall tour until 10pm or later.  Since they hadn’t assigned replacement bus drivers, we didn’t feel that it was right to make our drivers work all day and we didn’t think it was safe.  So, we rescheduled the night time mall tour for tomorrow night.  We think we can still fit everything in without issue, but we’ll see.

We just finished up an adult leaders meeting about our activities later in the week.  I told Dennis, our Jamboree Scoutmaster, after I got out of the shower, “There’s something wrong with the water in the shower!  It doesn’t make you want to jump back six feet and yell Oh Lord!”  It’s very nice to have electricity, air conditioning and hot showers again!

More coming tomorrow when we start the day meeting Congressman Jim Bridenstine and Senator Jim Inhofe.

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