Wrapping It Up

Well, we got back from our fantastic trip and I proceeded to come down with a sinus infection.  I’ve just about recovered from that and am finally getting around to posting everything I wasn’t able to during the trip.

Here are some videos I took of several of the boys reporting on their days of fun during jambo.

I took a couple of short videos when we were in the pioneering area on top of Garden Ground Mountain.  Several of the boys really liked the swing that was lashed together with rope and timber.

Now, I’ll back up to the first day of touring prior to Jambo.  We drove all night and our first stop was the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.

This is the train rolling into the station right before we board for the short trip.

This is what we got to see when we reached the end of the line.  They turned the engine around on the turntable.

That first night, we toured the Tennessee State Aquarium and slept with the Jellyfishes!

We finally make it into West Virginia.  How else do you celebrate it?

We arrived at Adventures on the Gorge that evening.  We would raft the New River the next day.  There is a gallery of pictures from the trip on the Troop 26 web site.  After our rafting trip, we had time for a campfire after dinner.  Here’s a few of the skits that were performed.

We finally arrive at Jambo and Mr. Lowe’s birthday was the day we arrived.  He was “assisting” with assembly and placement of our carport/dining fly.  His birthday present was portable shade!

Another really neat thing that happened at Jambo was the Ham Radio Station, K2BSA contact with the International Space Station.  10 boys got to ask astronaut Luca Parmitano, KF5KDP, questions.  This first video explains what is going to happen, the second video is that of the actual contact.

We spent our first night after leaving Jambo at the National 4H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD.  This happened to be Ben’s birthday!  His folks sent a package with me to deliver to him on his birthday.

Now we’re getting to the REALLY GOOD STUFF!!!!

Our first full day of touring Washington, D.C. began with meeting our Senator and Congressman.  Senator Jim Inhofe spent 30 minutes talking with us and answering questions on the Capitol Steps.

Congressman Jim Bridenstine, and Eagle Scout, spent more than a half hour answering our questions.  I got the first 15 minutes of our visit until I ran out of memory.  These meetings were something really special.  How often do you have the opportunity to spend that much time with the men who represent you in Congress?  Not often!

That night we toured the National Mall.  We had a tour guide on each bus to show us around.  I especially enjoyed getting to see the WWII memorial and the Jefferson Memorial.

The next morning, we were honored to have had our request approved to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns, in Arlington National Cemetery.

We got to see a changing of the guard right before our ceremony commenced.

Then we had four attendants represent us during the wreath ceremony.  Alex, Carson, Jarrett and Brock.

We finished our trip with a visit to Gettysburg.  Mrs. Moore was kind enough to make it possible for us to have a guided tour of the battlefield.  She was right!  It made our visit something to remember.  I always have a hard time looking at the monuments in the National Battlefields and understanding what actually transpired there, so many years ago.  These guides were top notch!  Everyone had a wonderful time and learned so much!  Thanks Becky, from all of us!

Finally, we capped off our visit to Gettysburg with the Troop 26 Gettysburg Pledge 2.  I caught the first part of the ceremony on video, but we were interrupted by rain and I had to secure my camera.  Each boy pledged to complete high school and earn the rank of Eagle.  He was given a commemorative Gettysburg quarter which he will return at his Eagle court of honor.

We drove all night and arrived back at the Church less than 30 minutes from our anticipated arrival time.  We came back to a great welcome home!

This was the trip of a lifetime!  Hope you enjoyed following along with me.  I still have some still photos to go through, so there might be a little bit more show up here.  Thanks for following along!  I had fun doing this.


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