July of 2013, Blake, Brock and Charlie are heading out with Troop 26 to the National Scout Jamboree at the brand new Summit Bechtel Reserve near Mt. Hope, West Virginia.  Troop 26 is in Tulsa and a member of the Indian Nations Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Troop 26 Scouts comprise two 36 scout / 4 Adult Leader Troops  out of six council contingents.  We’re traveling by bus.  We have two 55 passenger buses.  Troop 26 has a tradition of naming the buses each time.  During the last year, we lost two men who gave years of service to Troop 26 and we choose honor them in this way.  The Baumgartner and the Austin are named after Dick Austin and Bill Baumgartner.

We tour as a Troop before and after the Jamboree.  Once we get to the Jamboree, we split into our two troops.  The two troops won’t be camping together, so we may not see each other very much.  The summit camp sites are divided into base camps and sub-camps.  Troop A229 of which Blake, Brock and I are members, is camping in base camp A, sub-camp 2.  Troop C117 is camping in base camp C, sub-camp 1.  There are 40,000 scouts expected at the National Jamboree.

I was a member of Troop 26 as a scout and the boys wanted to follow in the same tradition.  The scoutmaster that was there when I was a scout is still scoutmaster today!  I didn’t get to attend a National Jamboree as a Scout but I did attend the T26 Western Tour in the late ’70’s.  We went to Bryce Canyon, Arches National Monument and several other points of interest throughout Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado.  I have memories from that trip that will last a lifetime.

Blake and Brock wanted to have those same opportunities.  There are things you can do when you’re in a troop the size of ours that other troops don’t have the resources to support.  Troop 26 has about 150-180 scouts registered and over 100 active scouts.  We usually have at least 80 scouts on our monthly campouts and 30 or more adult leaders.  We take advantage of the economies of scale.

We enjoy keeping friends and family abreast of our adventures when we are away from home.  We hope you enjoy keeping up with us during our National Jamboree Trip.



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